Our Philosophy

At Spot Marketing, digital marketing is simply the medium for doing what we do. We dedicate our everyday to thinking of ways to improve the world around us. We love to travel and draw inspiration from all around us, trying to understand the essence of what truly makes brands and ideas resonate. It is only from deep understanding and attentiveness that we can truly develop influence.

Spot stems from a brother, sister duo with an Australian and Norwegian heritage, combining the design principles of innovation, minimalism and passion of the Scandinavian with the love of family, grounding and community that is purely Australian.

We all hold this inner ambition for people to understand us. For people to know who we are and why we are important.  This is what we’re here to do for you.

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Why work with us

personalized service

Spot works with you one-on-one throughout your entire digital marketing journey to understand, enhance and execute your vision for your business.

Memorable &
Provocative Design

Design for us means stimulating action and deepening understanding. We focus on a digital presence that is both functional and flattering. Provocative


Search Engine

Spot SEO is perhaps the most critical marketing tool for creating long-term visibility, viability and trust for your business online.



As apart of our dynamic offering, we also offer a boutique photography service in order to fulfill your full range of digital marketing needs.



Spot branding works to create and regenerate brands that reach for the stars and stir the soul.


Social Media

At Spot, we love to create meaning through social interactions. Across all platforms, we’re here to get you connected.


Our mission

We believe that having an online presence creates an opportunity for businesses to create something bigger, something deeper than what it is you sell. When someone buys a product, the decision is seldom exclusive to function. We work with businesses that want to create something beyond the product or service itself.

We work with those who want to tell a story, to live out a dream, and to create an impact on the world around them. At Spot Marketing, we work with businesses that have poured their blood, sweat and tears into their work who deserve to be found and recognised for it.


  • Create an intimate brand image
  • Creating an online presence
  • Making businesses not only found, but understood
  • Revealing Australian businesses potential
  • Leadership skills to manage team
  • Increasing online conversions

Our experience

Search Engine Optimisation 87%
Google Adwords 75%
Company Branding 71%
Website Design 85%

Our team

become not only found, but understood.