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Social media is taking over the world, and it’s not just us saying it. The rise of social media has caused a fundamental shift in the way that brands and businesses interact with consumers. The interaction and intimacy of social media is not only desired by consumers, but is now expected. Effective social media management can provide a myriad of benefits to your business including real relationship building, targeted marketing, direct traffic and of course a boost to your site’s SEO.

Using a social media platform, regardless of what you sell and who you sell to, provides your customer with a large deal of perceived risk reduction, allowing their exposure to your brand to transform from a transactional marketing approach to an interactive relationship.

Benefits of Social Media

Real Relationship Building

Social media is all about adding value to your offering and building your brand. It’s about being active and engaging in a space that your customers constant interact with. Creating a relationship with your customers will not only influence long term purchase behaviour, but also increase overall spend.

Boost Your SEO

An effective social media content strategy will not only allow your business to build real relationships with consumers, but also increase the traffic to your website through increased SEO. SEO for many industries is extremely competitive, making it imperative to create the best possible strategy and synergies between your online channels to increase your search engine ranking.

Drive Targeted Traffic

Consumers tend to convey certain associations and align themselves to particular social groups and ideologies through the brands they interact with. Because of this, consumers that feel a strong connection to a brand are likely to promote and share it on their social media in order strengthen their desired identity. This sharing behaviour then occurs between like-minded individuals, resulting in increased traffic for your business.

Social Credibility

Social media provides the opportunity to showcase not only your products and personality, but also highlights your receptivity from others. By creating a strong online presence, consumers experience a perceived risk reduction and are more likely to convert to sale. A strong social media presence can increase your perceived authenticity

Instant Feedback

Under the 24/7 nature of the online world, it is important to be aware of both the benefits and downsides in order to create a balanced strategy. If for example you are releasing a limited product range, being able to instantly gauge the positive response allows you to react quickly and capitalise on the popularity. On the flip side, if consumers have faced an issue with your product, the instant feedback allows you to respond rapidly and tailor your offering.

Insight Into Consumer Behaviour

Social media provides a great deal of insight into how consumers interact with your brand and product. This insight can be incredibly valuable in future production and marketing decisions, allowing you to create the best possible offering. Social media also provides you with real time information about what consumers are interested in, where they spend time, and what their driving influences are.

The Social Spot

Add Real Value

We create a social media management strategy that provides real value for both your business and your consumers.

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Synergy with marketing strategy

Our social media strategy focuses on creating synergies across your business strategy and a boost to your SEO.

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Finger On The Pulse

Social Spot will keep you more intune with your customers than ever revealing how they react with your brand, and what they are interested in.

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