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Search Engine Optimisation

At the end of the day, your search engine ranking online can be the difference between a customer contacting your business, or calling your competitor. Consider how you yourself search for information and begin the process of fulfilling a need, or solving a problem. If you are at work or home, you are likely to “Google” it from your desktop computer. If you are on the go, you are likely to “Google” it from your phone. With the increasing speed with which consumers demand information that is both high quality and relevant to them, it is critical for the continued viability and competitiveness of your business to ensure you become not only found, but also understood.

With Spot SEO, we are continuously updating our processes and refining our approaches including user experience signalling to leverage weight in Google’s algorithms. Spot SEO builds forward looking content that focuses on capturing the direction of Google’s intentions and procedures.

SEO is recognised as the most sustainable long-term strategy to way to generate traffic, increase exposure and build the roots of the brand into the future.

How SEO works

  • High quality content creation and link building
  • On page SEO optimisation
  • Social Signals

You can transform your website into a revenue-producing asset that lets you work as much or as little as you want.

Why you need Spot SEO

  • Matching queries to content
  • Connecting people with products
  • Looking for the relevance that people are seeking
  • Highly competitive nature of search engines
  • All of your competitors are fighting for the same areas
  • At Spot, our content marketing efforts are focused on creating easy to locate and understand material that is simultaneously understood by consumers and search engines.

Our three step process

Our SEO team analyses your website to ensure that your content is easily accessible to the search engines. We then proceed to perform keyword research for your specific niche to optimise your page to be easily found  by your current and future customers.

Adding value to the web is a integral part to any seo strategy. Spot copywriters will produce high quality content for your site so that your customers will keep coming back for more.

Spot’s specialty link building team will reach out all across the web to make your pages rank higher so that your website will see a huge boost in traffic over time. We look to the future and will continue to grow your online presence and will set new goals to tackle for the future of your website.

What to expect with Spot SEO

Spot prides itself on amazing customer service, cutting edge innovation and of course the results we produce for our clients. Our team of SEO’s have made a definitive plan to attempt to rank any and all businesses in the #1 page of Google. The three step process takes time but over a generous period all websites should see great results. When working with our team you will always receive:

  • On time results
  • Definitive monthly reports
  • Professional service
  • A dedicated SEO and account manager
  • White hat SEO services
  • High quality original content

The ideal traffic increase

  • Without SEO
  • With SEO
how can we help you?

Contact us at the Spot Marketing office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

“Ryan and I love to work together, and find that it is our combination of expression and logic that is responsible for creating innovative and original ideas and solutions to our clients.”

Breearna Jope at Spot Marketing
Breearna Jope
Director, Spot Marketing

Become not only found, but understood.