Google Adwords

What is Google Adwords

Google AdWords is the instant solution to being found online. Spot Marketing is proudly fully Adword certified and is pleased to offer a premium one-on-one tailored solution to Google Adwords management. Spot Adwords management Brisbane focuses on designing a custom Adword strategy that brings maximum benefit to your business strategy.

With over 6 billion searches a day in 2013, each search represents an interest, an unfulfilled need, or a problem to solve that your offering just might be the answer to. Google adwords brings qualified and motivated prospects to your website, and allows for close management of your marketing budget.

Our Google adword management creates instant guaranteed page one rankings. All we need to do is set up your campaign and you’re ready to be found!

Spot Marketing Adwords Management

Why you should invest in Google Adwords

Increase in qualified and
motivated prospects to your website

Using google adwords allows you to drive qualified potential customers to your website to increase your websites traffic and conversions.

Allowing for highly
specific keyword searches

Our individual keyword planning phase will allow your business to market to a highly specific niche, getting your business in front of all the right people.

Increase your opportunity
to showcase your website

Most businesses have invested alot of money into their websites. Allowing potential customers to let your website do its job will result in higher conversions and more success for your business.

Directly manageable costs
for click and conversion

Adwords offers the unique opportunity to set, evolve and refine your budget and therefore your conversions. Your business can get as much or as little traffic as you would like to increase the success of your business.

Adwords dominates
search results

Google earns 98% of its revenue from google adwords. That being said its the reason why all adwords listings dominate the search results.

Highly visible contact
and location information

Your future customers can access consume and react to your content at the click of the button. Using adwords makes it easier for your customers to find you.

Our process

Step 1: Analyze & Plan

We perform industry specific and local research to create a plan that will provide a great ROI for your business.

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Step 2: Rapid Execution

Our team quickly sets up your campaign and optimizes your web page for conversion tracking.

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Step 3: Refinement

At Spot we aim to continuously improve and refine each campaign for maximum results for our clients.

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Adwords results over time


Google Adwords can bring extra revenue into your business with the push of a button.

Online traffic

Using Adwords directs and attracts customers from all over the web to navigate to your website.

Brand awareness

Driving traffic to your business can result in increased brand awareness which is in the benefit of every business.

Fast track to found

Our team puts your ads on the first page of google in a matter of minutes, allowing you to not only found but understood.

Ideal results over time

  • Website Traffic
  • Revenue

become not only found, but understood