Marketing in Brisbane

Why we’re a little different than Sydney or Melbourne, and why that’s ok


Anyone who lives in Brisbane understands. There’s a certain je ne sais quoi about the place. The people here indulge in the idea of being a big fish in a little pond, rather than a small fish in a big pond. Through the day, we go about our passions and affairs with hard work and sincerity. But after dark, we savor the intimacy of reward and relaxation that a glass of wine, or a simple cheese board will bring us. Brisbanites are known for being more open, hospitable and relaxed than their busybody relatives. When it comes to selling to the Brisbane consumer base, Brisbanites are more likely to be loyal and habitual to businesses with great customer service and the nod from friends. So, when it comes to marketing in Brisbane, how we do we best navigate around the river bend?

1.Look After Your Current Customers Before Seeking Out New Ones

This sounds pretty simple, but often when starting a business or slowing in growth, we look to the stars and beyond when the answer is often right in front of us. Remember, it costs 3 times more to acquire a new customer than to look after an old one, so focus on building loyalty and advocation first. When you have built trust with your customers, they will be more open to trying other things you have to offer.

2.People Talk.

In a small city, word of mouth is everything. It is critical to deliver positive customer experiences and go above and beyond in order for the word to spread. No matter how amazing your marketing team is, it all boils down to the in store experience; it is simply our job to make sure everyone knows how remarkable you are at doing what you do!

3. Focus on the Experience

Brisbanites are all about relationships, whether it be with the community, friends, family or a significant other. Design your marketing messages to reflect the growth and nourishment of personal relationships through experiencing your brand or offering for emotional persuasion and connection to you and your business.

4.Create Value in the Community

All over Facebook, we are often swamped with freemium model offerings designed to lure us into trying out a new product or service (“How to make your first million” courses, I’m looking at you). Remember, Brisbane is all about community. There are a range of different ways you can get more involved such as donating to charities, sponsoring events, offering advice when it comes to debates in your field, or simply, creating partnerships and openly supporting other local businesses.

Brisbane moves at its own unique pace, and we’re ok with that. So when marketing to Brisbanites, remember to not try to be someone or something else; they’ll see straight through you. Be bold, but never brash. Don’t try to replicate anyone else, be open and ask for support, others will help you! Share your story, and don’t take yourself too seriously.

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